Buying a house in Mauritius

Indicate us your criteria of your house in Mauritius, we will find you the property of your dreams

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Buying a house in Mauritius

When you buy a house in Mauritius, just like in another foreign country, some important points need to be checked. For your purchase to happen in the best conditions possible, Immo Ile Maurice will advise you for a successful completion of your project.

Whether for a primary or secondary residence, the purchase of a home must be well optimised to make a successful project. So, it is important to have the right information.

3 important points in the purchase of a real estate abroad

The legislation

When you plan to buy a house abroad, you must be well informed about the legislation currently in the country where you wish to reside. Conditions vary from country to country and they might not necessarily be the same as in France. Thus, two main parameters should be considered:

  • Terms of sale
  • The right of ownership

That’s why it is recommended to contact real estate professionals. Immo Ile Maurice is the professional hunting real estate agency that you need to successfully complete your real estate acquisition project.


In general, to buy a house abroad, 2 choices are available to you:

From France

As French banks are quite demanding on the financing of property abroad, they will ask you a significant contribution and guarantees in France as a mortgage on a property or financial investments.

In the country of purchase

Foreign banks, in this case those of Mauritius, will require a substantial contribution and the opening of a local bank account.


If you want to be a holder of a house abroad, you must learn about the agreements signed between France and the other resident country. Good news if you chose Mauritius! The double taxation agreement has been signed between France and Mauritius. You will pay your taxes in Mauritius, the reference tax haven.

Some practical tips in buying your home in Mauritius

Several parameters must be taken into consideration before proceeding to the acquisition of a property.

Above all, it is important to study the market and prices

It is also important to check the condition of the roof, the walls, the electrical installation, the plumbing …

The environment

The environment is a fundamental element to check when buying your home. This gives you some indication of the neighbourhood’s popularity. In this sense, if you want a quiet and peaceful place, the choice of the environment remains important.

The geographical context is also a determining factor. As a result, check the various facilities and amenities (public transport, schools, shops) are accessible.

Trust us looking for your home in Mauritius

Immo Ile Maurice, professional real estate hunter, clears all these steps and helps you find the best suited property for your needs. Just give us your requests and we will search for the house of your dreams in Mauritius.