Buying an apartment in Mauritius

Indicate us your criteria for your apartment in Mauritius, we will find you the property of your dreams

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Buying an apartment in Mauritius

When buying an apartment in Mauritius, you must be well informed to make your purchase happen in the best conditions. Immo Ile Maurice, specialist in real estate hunting in Mauritius, accompanies you throughout your project.

Just like buying a house, the acquisition of an apartment requires a check of several fundamental points to make a good transaction.

To find out if the property is right for you, it is recommended to make regular visits and to inquire with the owner or the real estate agent. In addition, you must see with the trustee what work is in progress. Immo Ile Maurice is responsible for all these steps for you without you having to move. At the service of the client, we offer our services as intermediary between the client and the real estate agent. Just give us your requests and we will find the apartment that best meets your expectations by scrupulously checking the most important points.

Points to check before buying an apartment in Mauritius

The environment

A property has a good reputation when it is located in a favourable environment. Thus, a good environment is easily spotted by analysing the following parameters:

Geographical context

The amenities (shops, transport, schools …)

Parks and green spaces

The neighbourhood and condition of buildings in the vicinity


Secondly, when you plan to buy an apartment, it is important to know the costs associated with it. Condominium fees, especially, if there is work in progress: heating, refacing … This is why it is imperative to contact the trustee to have all the information required at this level.

Hidden defects

Another important point to check is the identification of hidden defects and administrative defects.

An example of an administrative vice is the lack of a building permit.

The hidden defects (heating in breakdown, bad waterproofness of a roof …) are vices which one does not see during the visits of the real estate.

In case of hidden defects, you must prove that this anomaly was present before the purchase of the good. To solve these problems, you have 2 options: either the owner bears the cost of the work or you seek the services of a lawyer to settle the dispute.

To get away from all these steps, Immo Ile Maurice takes care of everything and helps you find the property that best suits your needs and your budget. To benefit from our services, call us and we will find a beautiful apartment for you.