Discover the sumptuous Ennéa residences of the Azuri Rive Droite program


Mauritius is a paradise island that attracts more and more tourists every year. It is a beautiful place where the weather is beautiful all year round. Its beaches and landscapes worthy of a postcard are to be discovered from north to south and from east, to west. Real estate programs in Mauritius offer villas and apartments, for those who want to settle in a luxury house on the island. Discover in this article the residences of Ennéa of the Azuri Rive Droite program.

The Azuri Rive droite Program

The Azuri Rive droite Program is located at Haute Rive, Roches Noires on the northeast part of the island. The villas and apartments are opposite the golf course of Azuri. Each building gives a breathtaking view of the turquoise sea and the blue sky of Azur. It is the ideal place to allow families to live peacefully in an exquisite place. This place is also made for golf lovers. Buy a villa Mauritius among those offered in the Azuri Rive droite program and discover the professional golf course.

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The residences of Ennea

The residences of Ennea are among those proposed in the program Azuri Rive droite. The villas and apartments were built on a 1.25 hectare property. They all have a magnificent view of the west and northwest of the island. You can enjoy the breathtaking green fairways and the mountain range to the west. Each building is a beautiful mix of charm and modernity. They are equipped with the latest electrical equipment. Make a luxury Mauritius purchase to acquire the house of your dreams and become the owner of one of the residences of Ennéa.

The Ennéa villas

The villas of Ennéa are characterized by a contemporary style of azuri. Their constructions are made from defined lines, geometric structures, with the use of local materials. The style of the houses blends perfectly with the tropical setting. To enjoy the sun, the villas are equipped with swimming pool and gardens, overlooking the golf course. You will be able to settle in a luxury residence, while respecting the Mauritian tradition in terms of construction. By buying a house in Mauritius, your private residence will allow you to spend convivial moments with friends or family.


The villas of Ennéa Type A and Type B

12 Ennéa villas are at your disposal in the Azuri Rive droite program. Each of the villas has 3 spacious bedrooms with optimal comfort. For your foreign purchase Mauritius, there are 2 types of Villa Ennéa. The villas of Ennéa type A, are equipped with an open kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a Hall on the ground floor. Secure parking allows you to park your vehicle safely. As the sun is always at here, each villa has a swimming pool, a garden and a veranda. Upstairs are the 3 bedrooms, a main bathroom, a dressing room, a shower and a laundry room. The villas of Ennéa type B differs from type A by space. They are a little more spacious.


The apartments Ennéa

The Ennéa apartments are all located on the ground floor. With a garden open to the golf course, you will have more space. Each apartment is equipped with a beautiful swimming pool to refresh you with family or friends. The apartment has a living room, a master bedroom, one or two bedrooms with a bathroom each, an entrance hall, a pantry and a laundry room. Enjoy the tropical climate with a swimming pool and garden. A veranda and pergola are also at your disposal. Settle down or live a dream holiday by making an apartment purchase Mauritius.


The Ennéa penthouses

There are 6 Ennéa penthouses offered in the Azuri Rive droite real estate program. The particularity of the penthouses is that they are located on the top floor, and therefore offer an unbeatable view compared to the other houses. The penthouses in Ennéa have 3 bedrooms, with an open space of 232 m2. You will benefit from a large terrace with swimming pool, guaranteeing you total privacy. The open design and considerable space, you will feel free, in the tropics. It is the ideal type of home to combine comfort and privacy. For your purchase of Mauritius apartment, opt for a luxury penthouse with sea view.


Live in peace in the village of Azuri

The real estate program Azuri Rive droite is located in the village of Azuri. By acquiring a villa, an apartment or an Ennéa penthouse, you will have the chance to live in this beautiful village. You will be able to get in touch with the local population, which is known to be very welcoming. You can find everything you need every day in the village of Azuri, such as restaurants, shops, a grocery store, a market and a distributor. Located by the sea, the idyllic village guarantees you an unparalleled zest for life.

Mauritius is full of assets, attracting tourists to discover it. By settling on this paradise island, you will benefit from an unparalleled environment and a tropical climate. To do this, the Azuri Rive droite program offers luxury villas, apartments and penthouses. The residences of Ennéa have been designed to guarantee you comfort. Located on an area of 1.25 hectares, each residence is equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden, overlooking the golf course and the sea. Choose among the residences of Ennéa to acquire your dream home in Mauritius.

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