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Choose Mauritius to invest in real estate

Mauritius is a country where real estate is undergoing constant change and evolving. This development affects almost all the sectors present on the island and contributes to the local economy and profits of investors. Real estate is one of those sectors that is thriving significantly attracting more developers and investors.  To rent or buy a […]

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Choosing the right property in Mauritius

Mauritius has become a country very popular with investors. The number of those who want to live there is increasing. To offset this increase, investors in this area went out of their way. However, among these many proposals how to know the ideal property for you? Find the property that suits you best when buying […]

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How to look for a property for foreigners in Mauritius?

Finding and buying property is not always an easy task. Aside from finding the perfect home that will suit your criteria and budget, the legal and administrative side needs to be done the right way. Trust your real estate agent to guide and walk you through all this process. Find out about all the advantages […]

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Should you go through a real estate agency to buy property?

Buying property might not be as easy as it seems. It requires some experience, skills and great knowledge of the market. Whether in Mauritius or in another country, real estate transactions are always specific. Would you wish to acquire in Mauritius, you need the assistance of a real estate agency because the regimes set up […]

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Real Estate Mauritius: Our selection of luxury apartments

Looking for an apartment with a breathtaking view? In Mauritius, you will find a selection of high-end real estate programs. Over the past few years, many investors have chosen Mauritius as a place to buy real estate. The Mauritian government has put in place measures to facilitate real estate investment in Mauritius. Luxury real estate […]

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Investing in Mauritius for Sun and Yield

Mauritius is a popular tourist destination in the world. But its economic, political and fiscal environment also favors the arrival of many foreign investors. Mauritius is one of the most advantageous countries for real estate investment abroad. Since its independence in March 1968, the island has displayed a legendary economic stability and a remarkable business […]

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List of the best SPAs and massages of Mauritius

When we talk about holidays, we think about relaxation and well-being in addition to the excursions and discoveries we could make there. Mauritius is known for being a dream destination for holidays but also for investing in real estate. Moreover, several people decide to settle in Mauritius after their holidays. Indeed you can make a […]

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Discover Mauritius through its 5 emblematic regions

Do you know of any country in the world where summer is (almost) never over? When many countries struggle to survive the cold of winter, Mauritius continues to offer its visitors its beautiful sunny beaches. In this little paradise of the Indian Ocean, the weather is always conducive to laziness, a romantic stroll, varied nautical […]

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