How to look for a property for foreigners in Mauritius?

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Finding and buying property is not always an easy task. Aside from finding the perfect home that will suit your criteria and budget, the legal and administrative side needs to be done the right way. Trust your real estate agent to guide and walk you through all this process. Find out about all the advantages and conditions involved when buying as a foreigner.

A few years ago, the Mauritian government has decided to encourage foreign investors to settle on the island to avoid land speculation harming the inhabitants. However, there a few conditions to be taken into consideration. For example, foreign investors will only be allowed in a designated area for purchases and will not be able to buy a house directly from an individual. They must, therefore, buy the real estate in specific programs accessible only to foreigners such as the PDS, the IRS or the RES. Recently, the government has allowed foreigners to acquire one or more apartments, but under certain conditions.

Be well informed

Before proceeding with a purchase, it is necessary to obtain the right information on the procedures to go through and the advantages given. The experts in real estate will help and guide through this process. You will have the choice between making the purchase remotely or on-site. It is better to have a local Mauritian bank account to fully benefit from the advantages when making a property purchase on the island.y in Mauritius. When it comes to taxes, Mauritius is more attractive compared to other countries, due to it’s smoother laws in this regard. If you choose to be a resident, which normally goes with property rights, you will be entitled to all the tax benefits of Mauritians. Unlike in France, more housing tax, more capital gains tax on goods, more wealth tax, you will only have to pay 15% of your compulsory income.

Real estate selection criteria

When you go property hunting, there are a few things to check. Whether for permanent residence or for the holidays, it is necessary to take into account all the parameters before acquiring a property that corresponds well to the criteria of your choice and to your budget. It would also be necessary to check the surroundings of the property to be acquired and to check whether the area is within the vicinity of facilities such as shops and other services nearby. If you want a quiet place, choose a place further from the city. 

Screening field checks

Although the pictures posted on the different real estate web sites give an idea of the property, it’s always best to go for a physical visit in order to have a real feel of the place, and see it’s status.  The things to look out for during the visit: the condition of the house, the roof, the walls, the plumbing, the electrical installations, the heating or the air conditioning.  If you want a home w Also visit to find out the surroundings, green spaces, neighborhood, condition of the buildings around your home. The goal is to make you comfortable and for you to appropriate a home that suits you.

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