The great outdoors of Mauritius


Mauritius has been Covid 19 free for almost 60 days now. And more than ever, after this long confinement of nearly 3 months, people feel the need to spend more time outdoors. But Mauritius is not only beaches. We find that there is a real trend towards discovering more of the island’s interiors which offer spectacular views. Discover the green, untouched spots of the island that will surely make you want to come live in Mauritius.

Trekking in Mauritius

Take a hike into the mountainous and green interiors of Mauritius. So many beautiful spots to discover and have your breath taken away.

There are different treks to choose from. From a 3hr hike into The Black River Gorges National Park extending on an area of 67.54 km2. The untouched, wild park is a must to discover for all nature lovers. Immerse into the peaceful forests of indigenous trees, take a swim in the rivers and connect with nature again, to the sound of the Echo-Parakeet, the Mauritian Kestrel, or the pink pigeon. Just what we all need after being inside at home for weeks. 

You will be accompanied by professional guides for a hike in the Natural Reserve of Yemen, home to thousands of Java deers brought to Mauritius by the Dutch back in 1598. You might also come across monkeys and wild pigs during your hike which is about 3hrs long.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of hiking, the different trails of Mauritius are so worth discovering with its endemic forests and magnificent geological features for these special unforgettable moments. 

foret black river national park

Mountain hikes in Mauritius

Over the past few years, more and more people have shown a great interest in discovering the beautiful mountains of Mauritius. Most of them are more or less easily accessible and you get to discover that green side of Mauritius and come to a better understanding of the volcanic formation of the island.

Try the climb to Le Pouce Mountain, which got its name from its thumb-shaped peak. This hike will take you to a height of 812 meters with breathtaking views of Port- Louis, the capital, the village of St Pierre. The hike itself is pretty easy all along except for the last bit where you will need to climb a few meters. Reaching the viewing platform you will witness a beautiful sunset and views on the Moka Mountain Range and parts of the Northern region of the island.


However, the most famous mountain and well-known tourist attraction in Mauritius is the climb of Le Morne Brabant, situated on Le Morne peninsula and now UNESCO World Heritage Site. The big rock is the symbol of the fight for freedom of the slaves who ran away from their masters and found refuge in the mountain.

The hike itself is about 3 to 4 hours with EFR/WFA certified guides. The last bit of the hike is a bit harder and requires equipment, but you will be rewarded when reaching the top and discovering the breathtaking view of the turquoise lagoon and spectacular surroundings.

More places to discover in Mauritius

There are more amazing places to discover on the island. Why not go up Pieter Both Mountain, a bit more challenging and great for real challenge or Lion Mountain in the Bambous Mountain Range, known to be the only witness left of the Battle of Grand Port.  Several other trails across the island can be done. You may take a walk through the Maccabée Forest and discover all the endemic plants and birds or to La Nicolière Reserve walking across rivers to reach the small lake with breathtaking views.

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