Discover Mauritius through its 5 emblematic regions

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Do you know of any country in the world where summer is (almost) never over? When many countries struggle to survive the cold of winter, Mauritius continues to offer its visitors its beautiful sunny beaches. In this little paradise of the Indian Ocean, the weather is always conducive to laziness, a romantic stroll, varied nautical activities, fishing or a sea excursion. Many choose to take refuge there until the icy cold of their country of origin settles. Others even prefer to stay there longer by purchasing a villa in Mauritius. The island has all the necessary assets to please.

The north, original and folklore

The north, the most known of foreigners, is certainly the most folklore region of Mauritius. Its cultural richness, which stems mainly from the passage of the English to Cape Malheureux in 1810, gives it an essential historical value. This region is also characterized by its many villages, including Goodland, the most Hindu. But the specificity of the north also concerns its status as a popular seaside resort.

The northern landscape is beautiful, especially when the flamboyants begin to bloom in November, to give a multi-color game mixing red and orange to the green of sugar cane plantations as well as deep blue of lagoons. This unique landscape makes this region, a privileged place for lovers for an unforgettable honeymoon.

In addition, the north is home to many modern infrastructures, including mainly high-end real estate programs, dedicated to rental projects Mauritius villa.

The east, chic and spectacular

The east coast of Mauritius is characterized by its beautiful white sand beaches bordering the largest lagoons in the country. Nicknamed the “Eden of the Country”, this region is nestled in the heart of the bay of Trou d’Eau Douce, and has a very large number of dream infrastructures.

The Moorish real estate located in this part of the island is characterized by the dominance of local and contemporary influences on architecture. It is the ideal place to find a luxurious apartment that is both sober but comfortable, opening directly onto the sea. The area is also home to a hotel with its own private island, Mangénie Island, and an 18-hole golf course, the work of champion Bernhard Langer.

The Northwest, friendly and delicious

The capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis, receives few foreign visitors without being deprived of them all year round. Shopping enthusiasts and noisy entertainment from the big cities often find themselves there when the quiet flat beaches knock them out. It is also in this part of the country that one can best integrate oneself with the cultural mix that characterizes Mauritius, through its authentic gastronomy that stems from an Indian, African, Chinese and Arab culture.

From the north-west to the centre, walking through the markets in Buibouis, Byriani, Roasted, Puri dholl and Red is a popular culinary route in Mauritius. This specificity also attracts many investors in search of a Mauritian home purchase.

The south, So Frenchy!

The influence of French culture is evident through the history, culture and even the economy of Mauritius. Many foreign investors, especially French, choose to make a purchase Mauritian apartment to stay close to their origin. The south of the country is very characteristic of this belonging thanks to the Castle of Bel-Ombre. A historic place that hosted the shooting of the famous «Ils sont fous ces sorciers», with Mr Jean Lefebvre and Mr Henri Guybet.

Built by a wealthy Indian entrepreneur in the 19th century, this former mansion now houses a gourmet restaurant where recipes continue to bewitch visitors. For this unique landscape alone, French investors do not hesitate to acquire luxury real estate in the south of the country.

The southwest, splendid and colourful

The landscape of the south-west of Mauritius is more charming to nature lovers. Its tropical forest, banana plantations, coffee, pineapple and tea, as well as its many tourist attractions, breathe fresh air and peace every day. It is in this region that the famous geological site of the “Terres des sept couleurs” is located. It is also distinguished by the mountainous region of Chamarel, which is located at an altitude of about 400 m. The perfect place to recharge and recharge during the holidays. Not to mention the Black River Gorges Nature Reserve, which attracts thousands of foreign visitors every year.

For this unique landscape but also for the local culinary specialties that delight all taste buds, the southwest is one of the most beautiful regions to make a luxury Mauritian island purchase. Thanks to a prestigious real estate purchase in this beautiful region of the country, even the dance of seggae will be much easier to understand. It is also the ideal place to make a rental investment, especially to target nature lovers and horseback riding in the forest.

Every region of Mauritius has significant assets for a successful real estate investment. In addition, there are other more significant advantages, including the possibility of becoming a resident of Mauritius, under certain conditions. Not to mention Mauritian taxation, which is largely profitable to guarantee the profitability of a real estate investment.

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