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appartement ocean point immobilier ile maurice

Real Estate Mauritius: Our selection of luxury apartments

Looking for an apartment with a breathtaking view? In Mauritius, you will find a selection of high-end real estate programs. Over the past few years, many investors have chosen Mauritius as a place to buy real estate. The Mauritian government has put in place measures to facilitate real estate investment in Mauritius. Luxury real estate […]

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Villa luxe Tamarin Ile Maurice Domaine Latania

Discover Mauritius through its 5 emblematic regions

Do you know of any country in the world where summer is (almost) never over? When many countries struggle to survive the cold of winter, Mauritius continues to offer its visitors its beautiful sunny beaches. In this little paradise of the Indian Ocean, the weather is always conducive to laziness, a romantic stroll, varied nautical […]

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Anbalaba villa cardinal - achat villa ile maurice

How to become the owner of a luxury property in Mauritius?

Mauritius enjoys an excellent international reputation for its parliamentary democracy, sustained economic growth over more than three decades, independence of its judicial system and media, and its remarkable political stability. Having become a true reference in terms of stability for the business climate, Mauritius is today a reliable and attractive investment platform for all foreigners. […]

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immobilier viager gre a gre ile maurice

Real estate: how does the life of OTC work?

The OTC annuity market is a concept that is little known to the general public in the real estate sector. Yet this is a formula with multiple benefits for both the seller and the buyer. For sellers, the sale in life is a good solution to ensure additional income. For buyers, it allows to acquire […]

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