How to make your first investment in Mauritius ?

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Real estate remains a very attractive investment land for most French people. In recent years, many investors are not impressed by the significant changes imposed by the French government in terms of real estate investment. Many wealthy investors even choose to look for a more favorable investment horizon than the French sky. For a successful first investment, Mauritius is one of the most popular destinations.

Precautions to take before investing

Going headlong into a rental real estate investment is a bad idea because the risks of problems are often significant. Proper preparation is needed to avoid losing money, having difficulty renting, or running a financial deficit because of a missed investment.

It is therefore necessary to be well informed in order to find the ideal accommodation to rent, to study the rental market of the chosen destination, to choose the type of tenant, to evaluate the ideal rent, to find financing, without forgetting to manage the taxation and rental management of the acquired property.

A well-targeted Mauritian villa purchase starts with well-defined objectives. It is essential to define your investment objectives in advance. The choice of real estate to buy depends essentially on the type of rental you want to make. Do you plan to invest in a secondary residence or would you like to occupy your home for a few years before renting? Specific answers to these questions should be provided to avoid confusion.

Adopt a good investment strategy

The investment strategy you will adopt will depend on the answers you get from the questions previously asked. Having defined your investment objectives, you will be better able to choose the location and type of real estate in Mauritius to buy.

If you are investing in a luxurious villa in Mauritius to prepare for your retirement, you must choose a property that corresponds to your main residence. A luxurious beachfront residence would be ideal in this case. In addition, this same choice will allow you to collect fairly high rents, because you will have opted for a location with high rental demand. Many wealthy tenants are willing to spend a fortune to live in a beautiful house facing the ocean.

In any case, the choice of the location of your home purchase is essential. The property for rent must be in a residential area, located not far from all essential amenities such as public transport, various interests, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, etc.

Choose a growth market

To choose the right location for your rental investment, you must act as if you are looking to buy a home or as if you are going to become a tenant. Of course, you will automatically opt for a Mauritian apartment purchase in a nice and well-connected neighborhood.

Depending on the type of tenant you wish to have, you will invest in a spacious house, a small apartment or a large luxurious villa. If you are targeting large families, consider locating your real estate purchase near nurseries and schools. If you are thinking of renting to retirees, think of a high-end apartment located close to the sea, but immediately connected to the amenities of the city center.

The real estate market in Mauritius

The real estate investment platform offered by Mauritius includes all types of accommodation you are looking for: residential villa, luxury apartment, local professional, etc. Whether to invest in rental real estate or for a resale, the Mauritian real estate market offers significant opportunities for investors. If you put the good back on the market, you will quickly find a high-priced buyer. This depth of market is an essential criterion for the success of your rental investment.

Moreover, in a dynamic country like Mauritius, real estate transactions are conducted in full transparency. The industry is booming if you have to set your rent objectively. Renting or reselling cannot be a problem in a country where tenant demand is very real. Grand-Baie, Grand Gaube, Tamarin, Rivière Noire, are highly profitable investment areas for rental investment in Mauritius.

Learn about the many real estate projects underway in the territory, the state of supply and demand, and the level and evolution of rents on site. Learn about the different real estate options available to foreigners in Mauritius. Embrace the characteristics of the tax system applied to the Mauritian real estate purchase to take full advantage of the many advantages that the Mauritian government grants you for every investment made.

Use a real estate professional

Investing in real estate in Mauritius for a foreign national can be a real battle path, without the right information. In order to have a good assessment of the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the goods offered for sale, the advantages and disadvantages of PDS programs or the purchase of an apartment in DRC+2, the use of a real estate professional is an advantageous solution.

Mauritius has a large number of reliable real estate developers, grouped together within the Board of Investment (BOI), to accompany you in your real estate project. These professionals offer you reliable real estate advice and verifiable real estate expertise to help you choose the property to buy. They even accompany you in the legal and fiscal arrangement related to your luxury purchase in Mauritius. Some even go so far as to help you find the ideal financing to realize your real estate investment.

Purchase in Mauritius without leaving your country

Do you want to invest in a Mauritian house purchase without leaving your country of origin? These real estate developers can also represent you on site, in your absence, to follow up on the construction project you have acquired in the state of future completion. The skills of a real estate expert can help you finalize your real estate purchase in VEFA in Mauritius, in the best conditions.

With these tips, you are now ready for your first real estate investment in Mauritius.

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