Mauritius recognized as a “safe” destination by the World Travel and Tourism Council

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On May 31, 2020, the World Travel and Tourism Council placed Mauritius as a “safe” destination thanks to the health protocol that was adopted in the fight against Covid-19. Mauritius is the first country in the African region to obtain validation from the WTTC. A special label has been designed by the organization with the words “Safe Travel” allowing travellers around the world to recognize countries and businesses that are considered “safe” from a health standpoint.

This is very good news for the Mauritian tourism industry.

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Mauritius has become an example for many countries around the world! Beginning in January, the Mauritian government implemented strict health measures according to the pandemic situation. Most recently, Mauritius has been recognized as a safe destination by the World Travel and Tourism Council, good news for the country which is preparing to welcome tourists and travellers very soon. Mauritius has also had the support of and Expedia, which supported the WTTC initiative to reassure travellers and restore confidence in the tourism sector. Thanks to the special “Safe Travels'” label obtained by the WTTC, travellers will be glad and reassured to know that Mauritius is considered “safe” from a health point of view. According to the president of the Mauritius Tourism Authority, this could greatly help revive the tourism sector in Mauritius. Regarding the Mauritian economy, the economic system remains solid! The government and the bank of Mauritius have come to the aid of many companies, including the real estate market, so that they can continue their activities to allow continuity in real estate investment in Mauritius.

Mauritius, the first African country to obtain this validation from the WTTC

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Good news for the African continent! From the beginning of 2021, the tourism industry should recover according to experts from the World Tourism Organization (WTO). While tourism has dropped by 60 to 80% in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Madrid-based UN agency is drawing more positive prospects for Africa and the Middle East. Since April 26, no new local cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Mauritius, which ended sanitary containment on May 31. The country is therefore the first country in the African region to obtain validation from the WTTC. Mauritius is preparing to welcome its visitors very soon after the application of strict containment measures, the isolation of the sick, as well as intensive tests.

A destination where safety and hygiene are the top priorities.

With more than 4 million cases worldwide, Mauritius is one of the few countries that has managed to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the sacrifice and patience shown by the citizens during the confinement, as well as the strict sanitary measures put in place by the Mauritian government, to successfully fight the pandemic. Mauritius is now recognized as a destination where the safety and hygiene of travellers are the top priorities. The specially designed “Safe Travel” label will allow travellers around the world to be reassured as well as to travel safely very soon.

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