The sumptuous villas of Legend Hill


Do you want to buy or rent real estate in Mauritius? Discover the luxury villas in Legend Hill. Legend Hill is composed of 52 sumptuous villas, penthouses and apartments. The residence is located on the side of Tourelle de Tamarin, in La Plantation Marguery. The famous Black River and its rainforest surround this dream residence where it is good to live. Here’s what you need to know to find your dream home.

Legend Hill, the reference in foreign purchase Mauritius

Located near the Tamarin Tourelle, this place has undergone modernization with the installation of luxury hotel apartments and the adaptation of the infrastructure to the evolution of local tourism. Mauritius real estate is booming. It’s a small island quite far from the big powers, but it’s developing wonderfully. Real estate investment is also a financial investment that interests both Mauritians and foreigners.

Legend Hill: luxury purchase Mauritius

Legend Hill is an area with a contemporary design while keeping the coastal style. Designed and operated by the company MJ Développement, this heritage is a magical place that will not be found anywhere else. The architects have preserved the Mauritian spirit through elegant buildings, including villas, apartments and penthouses for sale and for rent.

Legend Hill offers you a wide range of rental and sale accommodation for a luxury Mauritius purchase project. Future owners or tenants will enjoy a pleasant view of the blue sea and Le Morne Brabant. It is a paradise mountain of 550 m altitude, part of the world heritage. The moments spent in this place immerse the residents in a universe out of time, away from the infernal noise of the city and the vagaries of the weather. Contemporary art is present in every residence. Infinity swimming pool, spa, hanging terraces on the lagoon, all to make live an exciting adventure.

Legend Hill houses are very attractive. What makes them special is the fact that they are perched above the ocean. The estate is perfectly secure, and each dwelling has a pleasant independence, while allowing residents to enjoy the same magical panorama together.

Legend Hill: apartment for sale Mauritius

Whether you want to buy or rent a home, you have a wide choice among the buildings offered. The estate has 4 charming penthouses. Each one is equipped with a rooftop swimming pool, with the terrace between sky and sea. The interior is very bright, decorated with noble furniture, always with Mauritian tones. These penthouses are accessible to foreigners.

Luxurious and refined properties are also available for purchase apartment Mauritius. They offer unparalleled privacy, with each resident being able to make the most of their home. Each house offers a link between the sky and the sea, thanks to the hanging balconies. The view is stunning, you will enjoy both a pleasant blue sky and a deep ocean in its azure color. Nothing like the sunset on your sunbed to end the day. Some buildings are also intended for rental apartment Mauritius. If you are visiting the island, Legend Hill offers you the apartment of your dreams.

The best project purchase villa Mauritius

The villas at Legend Hill Estate are out of the ordinary. Would you like to change your life and move into a stately residence in the middle of the ocean? Purchasing Mauritius villa is a good alternative. Legend Hill has sumptuous terraced villas. You also have a private infinity pool, designed by world-renowned architects. The mix of wilderness and modern surroundings is breathtaking.

There are 3 types of villas to choose from:

Bengali villas offer stunning ocean views. The infinity pool occupies most of the terrace. They have a large open plan kitchen with 4 bedrooms, a shower room, a dressing room and a laundry room. The comfort is perfect and the decoration is elegant, in light and playful tones.

The Blackstone villas turn to Black River for a good breath of oxygen smelling both the virgin forest and the sea air. Under the reflection of translucent water, the panorama is incredible. The unobstructed view of the sea and the surrounding mountains such as Le Morne is the charm of these residences. They seem suspended between sky and sea and beyond the balcony you can see the Black River Gorge National Park. A paradise in Mauritius.

You can also opt for a villa rental Mauritius among choosing a villa Chamarel. It is especially prized for the beautiful sunset that you can enjoy while admiring Morne Brabant. The interior, as well as the exterior, is provided with a unique decor in an exotic charm. You have an infinity pool and refined furnishings to make the most of your stay.

For a professional purchase Mauritius

Legend Hill is also housing that you can buy professionally. Prestige real estate is varied. This is a good real estate investment opportunity. Would you like to have a professional place in Mauritius? Make your project by getting an apartment or a penthouse as close to the ocean as possible. The living environment you will have while working will be atypical, because you will work in a holiday atmosphere. Legend Hill is the most prestigious estate in Mauritius. Whether you have a house rental or purchase Mauritius, realize your dream by choosing the ideal residence. You will have a nice view of the blue lagoon, the Black River and Le Morne. Each dwelling is independent, with the latest trends in decor, while keeping traces of Mauritian decor. Move to a magical island, out of time, and build a lasting legacy.

Villas Legend Hill

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Appartments Legend Hill

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