PDS Mauritius: who can buy real estates in Mauritius?

pds ile maurice vue projet immobilier

Want to become a proud owner of a residence of the PDS in Mauritius? Here are some conditions that must be respected to buy a real estate in Mauritius.

How to become a property owner in Mauritius?

Mauritian, foreigner, company or trust, must obtain the prior approval of BOI to be eligible for a real estate purchase in Mauritius. Any prospective buyer can consult the official BOI guide for all documents and information related to any application for acquisition of a property subject to the PDS. This file is accompanied by a non-refundable amount of € 2,485 from the director of BOI (Board of Investment). The latter may request a medical file, especially if the buyer is considering acquiring a residence permit.

For the preparation of the files required by the BOI for the purchase of a real estate residence in Mauritius, you can request the help of a real estate agency specializing in the marketing of the PDS projects.

Other additional documents may also be requested in addition to those previously mentioned, depending on the situation of the buyer.

Buy as a foreigner in Mauritius

The non citizen can buy a residence from the PDS in Mauritius, and to provide the following documents:

  • 1 authenticated copy of the first 5 pages of the passport.
  • 1 letter from a local bank or notary certifying validation of the “Know Your Client” procedure. An operation validated by information about the activity, the identity, the use of the account and the source of income.

Buy as a company in Mauritius

It is also possible to buy a luxurious residence in Mauritius as a company. For this, the company must justify:

  • 1 certificate of registration attesting that the company is registered under the status of foreign company, under the Companies Act 2001, or 1 certificate of registration under the Companies Act 2001.
  • The register of shareholders
  • 1 copy of the first 5 pages of the passport of each shareholder.
  • The certification of the KYC procedure “Know Your Client” by a notary or a bank in Mauritius.

Buy as a trust in Mauritius

To buy real estate as a trust in Mauritius, here are the files to provide:

  • The evidence of the Financial Services Commission that the trust is a qualified agent under the Trust Act 2001.
  • 1 copy of the trust deed highlighting the ultimate beneficial owner.
  • 1 copy of the last 5 pages of the passport of each shareholder.
  • Letter from a notary or a Mauritian bank validating the KYC “Know Your Client” procedure.

Buy as a company registered in the Trade Register

A company holding a written constitution and registered in the Trade Register is also eligible to purchase a property in Mauritius, provided that:

  • A document proving that the company does have a registration number in the Register of Companies with the registration document filed with the said Register.
  • 1 copy of the register of shareholders and directors of the company.
  • 1 copy of the first 5 pages of the passport of each shareholder and director of the company.
  • 1 letter from a notary public or a Mauritian bank certifying the validity of the KYC for the client.
  • If it is a Mauritian citizen, the buyer must also accompany his application for acquisition of a property in Mauritius, his national identity card and a letter from the bank justifying the opening of an escrow account.

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